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More importantly, we can design customized thin films coatings at ALD NanoSolutions. With our long history of pioneering ALD and MLD on particles and polymers, we can coat almost any substrate for your application needs.

Particle ALD and Polymer ALD processing can be performed at commercial scales to create cost effective coating solutions. Both large batch and continuous ALD coating methods are available to help you transition from R&D to production, assisted by our diverse team of experts. Take comfort in our 10+ years of profitable operation and experienced executive team.

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Customized coatings that enable your substrate to meet your application needs.

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Recent News

ALD Nanosolutions journal article one of most read in 2014.

Denver, CO – ALD NanoSolutions is proud to announce that our article in JVST-A was one of the most read ALD articles from 2014. The article, Atmospheric pressure spatial atomic layer deposition web coating with in situ monitoring of film thickness, featuring our senior scientist, Dr. Markus Groner, with graduate student Alex Yersak and Professor Y.C. Lee from the University of Colorado – Boulder, discusses the in situ analysis of ALD growth on the first atmospheric pressure spatial ALD web coating reactor. It demonstrates ALD NanoSolutions’ commitment to innovation in roll to roll ALD and process control. Using reflectometry, ALD NanoSolutions and CU-Boulder were able to monitor thin film growth […]

ALD NanoSolutions presents at ALD2015.

PORTLAND, OREGON – (June 29, 2015) – ALD NanoSolutions will be presenting an oral presentation and a poster presentation at the American Vacuum Society ALD 2015 conference. Mr. Joe Spencer is discussing “Atmospheric Pressure Spatial ALD onto Powders with Conventional Powder Handling Equipment” during the Manufacturing session on Wednesday, July 1st at 9:00 AM PT. This talk focuses on our exciting new continuous ALD process and equipment that will revolutionize the Particle ALD market. Also be sure to stop by and talk to Dr. Markus Groner on Monday, June 29th at 5:30 PM PT while he is presenting his poster, “Particle ALD: Hollow Cathode Plasma for Rotary Bed Reactors”. Our […]

ALD NanoSolutions/Meaglow Development Partnership

DENVER, COLORADO — (Marketwired – April 21, 2015) – ALD NanoSolutions and Meaglow are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership for the development and marketing of hollow cathode plasma sources uniquely suited for atomic layer deposition onto particles. An ALD NanoSolutions particle reactor combined with a Meaglow plasma source allows newly developed plasma ALD chemistries to be performed onto particles in appreciable quantities. This expanded capability enables development of new materials and their eventual commercialization. “When you’re coating hundreds of grams of powder, ALD product gases significantly change the gas composition, requiring a robust remote plasma source,” says Joe Spencer, Director of Operations at ALD NanoSolutions. “The Meaglow hollow cathode plasma […]

ALDNanoSolutions, CU-Boulder and CoorsTek awarded $90,000 grant for development of new additive manufacturing precursors.

DENVER, COLORADO — (Feb. 18, 2015) – ALD NanoSolutions continues its long standing relationship with the University of Colorado with a $90,000 grant from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. The funding from the Advanced Industry Accelerator grant will develop direct ink writing using particle ALD core-shell precursors for net-shape additive manufacturing of advanced 3-D ceramic structures. Professor Alan Weimer at the University of Colorado is partnering with ALD NanoSolutions and CoorsTek to develop an enabling production process for the next generation of  advanced 3-D ceramics for use in additive manufacturing. The program will use Particle ALDTM to coat sintering additives directly onto fine ceramic particles and optimize the […]