What types of services does ALDN offer?

In a word: Collaboration. ALDN executes a variety of collaboration business models that match the commercial development process of an industry and value chain. In its heart, ALDN strives to commercialize new products and technologies that start with the consumer and/or end –user and follow a value-chain of ever increasing value to the point where an added step of coating a particle or flat object with a new material can carry this value through a value chain.

Products and Services

Customer Benefits:

  • Design New Coated Materials – that enable performance improvement/differentiation
  • Extend (patentable) Lifecycle – continued sustained advantage
  • Reduce Cost – repace high cost bulk material with less functional material at the surface

What We Offer:

  • Co-development JDAs to deliver new products
  • Licenses to practice and operate ALDN’s patented and proprietary technologies
  • Manufacture Coated Materials – toll coating, design, build and operate
  • Develop, Design and Manufacture Custom Reactor Systems

The Process:

  1. Define the Materials Opportunity: The customer will work with ALDN to define the materials challenges to be solved. Typically this results in a matrix of chemistry options that combine a specific substrate with a specific ALD coating recipe (coating material, number of layers, desired functional attributes). The economics (market, customer, cost, pricing) of the desired new material composite will also be quantified.
  2. Build (or use our) Pilot-Scale Reactor Systems: In order to manufacture the materials in step 1, ALDN will use  our own systems or build a reactor system at ALDN’s manufacturing site. This unique arrangement allows the customer to own the reactor, but allow the ALDN experts to run the reactor. It also allows ALDN to train the customer on their own reactor system. Later, if the innovation is a success, the customer can transfer the reactor system to their manufacturing site and scale the system for the desired material quantities.
  3. Manufacture the Materials: Based on the materials defined in step 1, ALDN can manufacture the materials and deliver to custom or developed specifications. The resulting materials will be tested by the customer as a gate to further development their products (often the coated particle or polymer flat-film is a component in a system or formulation. Thus allowing ALDN’s customers to focus on this.
  4. Scale Materials: Once the customer or market has validated the coated material, ALDN may offer a variety of alternatives to scale the process including multi-site manufacturing cells, semi-continuous systems, licensing etc. This is often planned and anticipated early in the process and supported or lead by ALDN which ever is appropriate


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Patent Covering Catalytic Energy
Production Application of Particle ALD™

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