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Atomic Layer Deposition on Particles?

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At ALD NanoSolutions, we can design customized thin films coatings for range of applications. With our long history of pioneering ALD and MLD on particles and polymers, we can coat almost any substrate for your application needs.

Particle ALD and Polymer ALD processing can be performed at commercial scales to create cost effective coating solutions. Both large batch and continuous ALD coating methods are available to help you transition from R&D to production, assisted by our diverse team of experts. Take comfort in our 10+ years of profitable operation and experienced executive team.

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Have some particles, polymer, or object that needs the world's best coating? We can help.

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Customized coatings that enable your substrate to meet your application needs.

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Is Particle ALD development on your horizon? Check out our flexible reactor designs.

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Recent News

ALD NanoSolutions Awarded $150,000 SBIR Phase I Grant

May 23, 2011 ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. has announced the award of a $150,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant from the Department of Energy for “Extended Lifetime Supported Nanocatalysts for Energy Improvements in Commodity Chemical Manufacturing.” The award, effective June 17, 2011 – March 17, 2012, will be used to develop a platform technology that can dramatically improve the stability and lifetime of nearly any supported metal catalyst particles. ALD NanoSolutions has demonstrated the ability to deposit porous ceramic layers on high surface area supports with sub-nanometer thickness control. These coatings have prevented the sintering/deactivation of platinum nanoclusters up to 800°C. The cost of these nanoscale coatings, […]

ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. Receives Proprietary Patent Technology

August 10, 2010 ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. (ALDN) announced the receipt of Canadian Patent 2,452,531, “Insulating and Functionalizing Fine Metal Particles with Conformal Ultrathin Films,” a broad composition of matter patent for practicing Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), or Particle ALD™.  The company’s proprietary technology is based on non-agglomerated fine and ultrafine particles having inorganic ultrathin films deposited by ALD. The intellectual property was developed by Dr. Steven George and Dr. Alan Weimer, of University of Colorado – Boulder, for depositing pinhole-free ultra-thin films on to particulate surfaces. The non-agglomerated nanocoated particles are the result of self- limiting sequential surface chemical reactions that control the coating process. This technology will prove to […]

Beneq and ALD NanoSolutions form collaboration for Particle ALD

June 14th, 2010, Helsinki (FI) and Boulder (CO, US) Beneq, leading provider of new industrial equipment and technology based on atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment, and ALD NanoSolutions, renowned developer of ALD processes and applications, including proprietary Particle ALD™ and Polymer ALD™, have today signed a letter of intent (LOI) for future collaboration. The collaboration is intended to provide a framework for the two companies to work together in developing ALD for particles and powders. ALD NanoSolutions has extensive experience in developing ALD as a process for particulate matter, and holds an impressive patent portfolio in the field. Beneq draws on its acknowledged know-how in turning processes and applications into […]

ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. and Tyco Electronics Announce Collaboration Agreement

ALD NanoSolutions’ Particle ALD™ coating platform to be used to develop advanced electronic materials and applications. Broomfield, Colo.  – February 10, 2010 ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. (ALDN), the leader in digital coating solutions for composite materials, announced today an alliance with Tyco Electronics (NYSE: TEL) to develop surface coatings for a variety of electronics applications.  Under the long-term agreement, the companies will work together to utilize ALDN’s surface engineering technology to develop and fabricate thin films for certain electronic applications designed to specifically enhance performance. This relationship will combine the technology and industry expertise of Tyco Electronics with ALDN’s material coating technology, which will enable commercial scale, digital coating of thin […]