ALD NanoSolutions regularly participates in fundamental academic research through our strong ties with the University of Colorado at Boulder and other institutions.

ALD NanoSolutions Publications:

ALD NanoSolutions Publications

Professor Steven George, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry:

George Group Publications at CU – Boulder

Professor Alan Weimer, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering:

Weimer Group Publications at CU – Boulder


ALDN maintains its customers’ identies, applications and data produced through Fee for Service or Joint Development Agreements strictly confidential, unless publication in any format is requested and approved by all parties.  ALDN also abides by copyright laws and does not reproduce or distribute copyrighted materials without approval from the publisher of a specific journal.  If you have made it to this page and are interested in obtaining a copy of a specific journal article, these are typically available for purchase directly from the publishing company’s website.