ALD Benefits

Summary of key attributes of the technology

ALD NanoSolutions is the gateway to creating new materials that cannot be synthesized by standard processes such as Chemical Vapor Deposition. Because of the precision and quality of ALD films, the material is 10x to 100x thinner – and more cost effective – than CVD films. This technology enables new applications for a large variety of substrate materials with improved performance. ALD offers the best commercial methods for conformally encapsulating small particles with chemically bonded, high-purity, ultra-thin films of controlled thickness. In addition, ALD on polymers offers ground-breaking performance and innovation for barriers. The Company is in a unique position to directly collaborate with existing coating or substrate manufacturing businesses. ALD NanoSolutions customers, in turn, can design novel material solutions to offer significant new value, performance, and cost effectiveness in their markets.

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ALD increases process efficiency with the thinnest films on the market.

Modify surface properties

  • Improve wetting, interfacial adhesion, reduce viscosity
  • Increase conductivity (thermal, electrical)
  • Increase loading (thermal fillers, pigments, metals, sunscreens)

Resistance to moisture and air

  • Improve stability (phosphors, metals, batteries)
  • Increase conductivity (thermal, electrical)
  • Barriers on films

UV / VUV Resistance

  • Protect materials in space and outdoor coatings

Surface Passivation

  • Improve stability, color, prevent agglomeration

Unique Composition

  • Construct nanocomposites with specific properties
  • Novel core/shell materials

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