ALD NanoSolutions proprietary technology is based on the combination of atomic layer deposition and novel processing techniques. New coating methods developed at the University of Colorado through co-founders Dr. Steven George and Dr. Alan Weimer allow conformal deposition of nanoscale films onto virtually any particle or polymer substrate.

Our Advantage

We have the unique ability to deposit the absolute thinnest film of material physically possible. Whether it’s an interface layer, corrosion barrier, insulator, or sintering aid our technology will deposit the least amount of material necessary. This gives our customers novel properties on their bulk material without unnecessary weight and composition change. ALD NanoSolutions has developed a wide-reaching platform technology that is easily scaled.

Particle ALD

Particle ALD makes use of chemically bonded nanocoatings on ultrafine particles using fluidized bed reactors. This process provides very precise control of the film thickness (to within approximately 0.1 nanometer). It is difficult to control the film thickness with conventional coating processes such as wet solution chemistry, physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD). Unlike Particle ALD, these conventional processes have a tendency to agglomerate the particles and create imperfect porous films due to additional particulate matter being deposited. PVD is a line of sight technique requiring ultrahigh vacuum conditions. Line of sight techniques work well for flat substrates but not multidimensional structures or porous structures such as particles. In ALD, none of these restrictions apply. Furthermore, Particle ALD allows for the conformal coating of ultrafine high surface area particles with near zero waste of chemical precursors. This efficiency provides for applications using precursor chemicals once considered too expensive for typical CVD coating applications. Consequently, Particle ALD allows the manufacture of nanocomposite materials never before produced.

Polymer ALD

Polymer ALD forms nanocoatings on polymer films, for which ALD NanoSolutions will demonstrate continuous roll to roll ALD coating capability within the next two years. Furthermore, ALD NanoSolutions has pending patent applications for Molecular Layer Deposition (MLD) which allows for creation of thin polymeric films. MLD is very closely related to ALD processing yet allows for a diverse range of polymeric materials and their beneficial surface properties  to be applied. ALD and MLD films on polymers exhibit the same precise control and benefits previously mentioned, with the additional benefit of flexibility. ALD NanoSolutions’ current research and development is proving out the application and performance improvements of multi-layer ALD / MLD films that will fundamentally shift commercial polymer coating processes to lower cost, higher performance films.