What types of services does ALDN offer?

In a word: Collaboration. ALDN executes a variety of collaboration business models that match the commercial development process of an industry and it’s value chain.

Products and Services:

What We Offer:

  • ALD coating services to demonstrate the benefits of particle ALD and polymer ALD coatings
  •  Joint development agreements (JDA) to develop new products
  • Licenses to practice and operate ALDN’s patented and proprietary technologies
  • Manufacture of coated materials, including designing, building and operation of toll coating equipment
  • Custom reactor systems – developed, designed and manufactured for your needs

Customer Benefits:

  • Design New Coated Materials – enabling performance improvement/differentiation
  • Extend (patentable) Lifecycle – continued sustained advantage
  • Reduce Cost – replace bulk deposition techniques with precise, conformal surface films

The Process:

  1. Define the Materials Opportunity: The customer will work with ALDN to define the materials challenges to be solved. Typically, this results in a matrix of chemistry options that combine a specific substrate with a specific ALD coating recipe (coating material, number of layers, desired functional attributes). The scale-up economics (market, customer, cost, pricing) of the desired new material composite will also be quantified.
  2. Proof of Concept and Optimization of ALD Coating: ALDN will coat substrate materials using our lab and pilot scale ALD systems. Process paramters will be optimized for the given appliation. Customers can also have ALDN build a reactor system for installation in their facility. ALDN will provide full training and education of the Particle ALD technology to ensure customer success.
  3. Toll Manufacturing and Licensing: After validating the technology at the pilot scale, ALDN can toll manufacture the materials on the ton scale if desired by the customer. These materials can be used by the customer for QA/QC validation and initial product rollout. At this time, licensing terms for applicable patents from the ALDN IP holdings are finalized.
  4. Production Scale Up: Once the customer has fully validated the coated material, ALDN can offer a variety of choices to scale the process, ranging from batch or continuous production equipment to multi-site manufacturing.