Micro- and nano-electromechanical systems can benefit greatly from atomic layer deposition coatings. The ALD gas-phase process allows film to be uniformly deposited in all gaps and cavities of MEMs/NEMs devices. This includes gears, actuators, and any unmasked crevice that may be missed with competing line-of-sight deposition technologies. Coatings can be deposited to reduce MEMs stiction, increase lifetime and wear resistance, or provide corrosion protection. ALD NanoSolutions holds exclusive patents for various applications of atomic layer deposition films onto MEMS devices and is actively licensing.

ALD Precision Coating Technology

ALD, Atomic Layer Deposition, Alumina, MEMS, NEMS

Low Friction ALD surface on MEMS/NEMS Device

Atomic Layer Deposition can uniformly coat all surfaces offering protection, wear resistance and anti-stiction protection.


Wear Resistance:
-Lower coefficient of friction
-Less particle generation

-Prevent shorting and failure.

Other Advantages:
-Minimal thickness
-Fast conventional processing
-Independent of line of sight
-Multifunctional coatings

ALD Cost Competitive Solution

ALD, Atomic Layer Deposition, Alumina, MEMS, NEMS

Alumina coating on MEMS/NEMS device

ALD, Atomic Layer Deposition, Alumina, MEMS, NEMS


Here at ALD NanoSolutions we have completed modeling that indicates scaled up cost on the order of $1/kg to production. Currently offering batch or fully continuous scale up solutions.





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