The Challenge

Nearly every established industry has experienced some form of critical material problems. The problems encountered may be related to thermal management, chemical reaction characteristics, surface property mismatches, structural integrity, diffusional resistance, and electrical properties, among others. As new materials are being discovered and functionalized to try to solve some of these problems, it is often found that a combination of existing materials is the ideal solution. This new class of hybrid materials can be economically manufactured with digital precision using a process called Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).

The Solution

ALD NanoSolutions' proprietary technology is based on atomic layer deposition coating chemistries and processing methods developed at the University of Colorado by Dr. Steven George and Dr. Alan Weimer for depositing ultra-thin films onto particulate and polymer surfaces. These coating processes, called Particle ALD™ and Polymer ALD™, have been validated, are economically scalable, and suitable for commercial operation. ALD on particles has been successfully demonstrated by the company on numerous substrates, such as metals, ceramics, and polymers in many different materials markets including microelectronics, defense, battery systems, consumer products, construction, and biomedical. ALD NanoSolutions represents the gateway to creating new materials that cannot be synthesized by conventional coating processes such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or sol-gel techniques. ALD offers the best commercial methods for conformally encapsulating small particles with chemically bonded, high-quality, ultra-thin films of controlled thickness. ALD NanoSolutions is in a unique position to directly collaborate with existing OEM's coating or substrate manufacturing organizations to create novel materials solutions.

ALD NanoSolutions helps our customers innovate

  • Designed materials that enable sustainable differentiation
  • Extended, patentable lifecycle for existing products
  • Cost reduced products, more efficient material use

Commercialization Model

  • Co-developing products or application
  • License the technology for a specific application
  • Manufacture products for testing
  • Toll-coat full scale products
  • Develop full scale processes