The ALD Process

The Concept

Atomic layer deposition is a gas phase two reaction process. It can be easily explained using bricks as an analogy. Imagine you have red and blue bricks, but there are some rules. Red bricks can only stack on blue, and blue bricks only stack on red. We put down a layer of blue bricks, then a layer of red, and call this one ALD cycle. These cycles are usually around 1 Angstrom, or 0.0000000001 meters thick. We then repeat these stacks until we get a desired film thickness. The surface would look like this:

ALD A-B Image

One cycle of Atomic Layer Deposition

The Chemistry

To get more technical, replace the red and blue bricks with molecules. For aluminum oxide, our most popular and versatile chemistry, our red bricks are aluminum containing molecules. The blue bricks are oxygen containing molecules, water molecules. When we bring in our aluminum molecules, it reacts to leave aluminum atoms on the surface. Since it can’t react with itself, it only deposits one layer of aluminum atoms on the surface and stops. Then we bring in our oxygen containing molecules and they put down a layer of oxygen. That completes one cycle and now the surface looks like this:

For more information on the fundamentals of ALD and MLD, please visit our founder, Steve George’s website.


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