ALDN has been working on improving catalyst powders and particles for some time.   In many processes or applications the catalysts that are used today could be improved by the use of nanoscale metal sites which are either better stabilized or better controlled to improve their efficiency.  ALDN utilizes its patented proprietary technology to take advantage of the gas phase atomic layer deposition (ALD) chemistries to produce novel catalysts through the development of a new platform for producing these materials.

This technique has the potential to broadly develop catalysts to get to the optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.  We can develop a technique to create a porous structured net to reduce the sintering of catalysts and thus improve their lifetime performance. We can also design  and produce multi-metal catalysts with the most control possible on the amount of metal and the dispersion of the metal on the catalyst support.  In addition interesting structures such as alloys or stacked metals may be possible by this technique.

Pourous Net Stabilization Technology

Tailored Coating of Secondary Catalyst Materials

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ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN) is Granted US Patent For Nanocoatings on Phosphor Particles

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Founder Prof. Steven George Honored with 2013 ALD Innovation Award

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ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN) is granted Japanese Patent Covering Protective Coatings for OLEDs

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ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN) granted
Patent Covering Catalytic Energy
Production Application of Particle ALD™

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ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. CEO Receives 2012 University of Colorado Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award

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Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division
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