ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. is a nano-materials design and manufacturing company with an initial focus on Materials Partnerships that validate its nano-coating platform in specific markets. As it has progressed, ALD NanoSolutions has developed some of its own products, most in partnership with a commercial company interested in a particular application. Material Partnership models enable both partners to leverage each other’s strengths. ALD brings years of experience in developing and running the ALD process and developing materials. Partners bring application experience and a deep understanding of the needs and value a new material design brings to the end user of a product. Currently, ALD NanoSolutions defines its partnerships in the form of:

  • Joint development projects to develop new materials that bring uncommon value to an application
  • License agreements to practice ALD with technical support
  • Reactor development, installation and even operation on a partner’s site
  • Direct materials sale of ALD NanoSolutions’ proprietary products